Caring for your Numnah or Saddle Pad

  • Following use, let your numnah or saddle pad dry naturally. Brush off surplus dirt and loose hair with a stiff brush.
  • If it needs washing, put it into a washing machine and select a warm wash (no more than 40 degrees). Use NuuWash – the specially created washing liquid, or a non-biological washing liquid. Select a wool wash for wool products.
  • Never use washing powder on wool products, as powders can remain in the wool, causing irritation.
  • Do not use biological washing liquid or bleaching agents, as these could cause irritation or react with your horse’s skin.
  • When the wash is completed, let your saddle pad or numnah hang out to dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • When dry, if it is a wool product, carefully brush the wool using a NuuMed wool comb or stiff brush.