The Advantages of Wool

NuuMed use only British Wool, a natural fibre which is soft, cool and strong. Whilst it is robust and resilient, it is also comfortable and practical – there are many advantages of using wool.

Here is why we recommend using a NuuMed wool numnah or saddle pad on your horse:

  • Horses feel the difference. Wool is very comfortable for a horse. It is naturally elastic so it moves and re-moulds around the horse as it moves. If you take a handful of NuuMed wool, squeeze it and then open up your hand, the wool will spring back up – just like the wool on a NuuMed numnah.
  • NuuMed use wool from the UK. They know where it has come from and what processes it has been through.
  • All NuuMed wool is of a consistent length. Once the wool has been knitted onto the cotton yarn backing, it is shorn to the length required. This is important for a horse’s comfort as saddle fit can be affected by inconsistent thickness of materials.
  • It’s natural and works in harmony with a horse’s skin.
  • Wool has fantastic water vapour evaporation qualities, which along with its ability to hold over 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp, leaves a horse feeling far more comfortable for longer. 
  • It’s structure – masses of softly curled wool fibres – hold loads of ‘crimps’ or microscopic air pockets which allow the air to move around and the water vapour to be released – again helping to keep a horse as comfortable as possible.
  • It helps reduce temperature fluctuations in the horse’s muscle because it warms up and cools down slowly thereby reducing the risk of muscle injury. 
  • It is very hard wearing. The make-up of wool fibres mean that it is able to stand up to consistently hard work for many years. NuuMed wool numnahs and saddle pads are renowned for their longevity – which also makes them excellent value for money. 
  • It’s a renewable source as our wool is taken from live sheep.
  • It is very easy to keep clean and look after. Wool is fully machine washable and you can wash your NuuMed numnah every day if you wish. We recommend using a wool comb and NuuWash to keep your wool in great condition. 


Isn’t wool too hot to use in the summer?

No. Wool is the best material to use in summer because of its moisture absorption qualities and its ability to circulate air. For example, NuuMed saddle pads are used in 100 mile endurance competitions in the Middle East – a true test of their ability to perform in the heat.

Is wool better than sheepskin?

NuuMed British wool has all the wool you need with no skin attached. It is specially woven for NuuMed and has all the benefits of a sheep-skin and none of the disadvantages. The British wool we use is shorn from the sheep and knitted onto a cotton yarn backing. This backing takes the place of a skin and is easier to look after, doesn’t get heavy when wet, doesn’t disintegrate and has not been through lots of chemical processes to make it usable.

Can I wash a NuuMed wool numnah?

Yes, every day if you wish. Just make sure you follow the washing guidelines:

Put on a wool wash at no more than 40 degrees Centigrade using NuuMed’s specially formulated washing liquid, NuuWash. If you have run out of NuuWash use a non biological washing liquid. Do not use a powder as this can remain in the wool and potentially cause skin irritation.After washing, reshape and hang to dry naturally. Do not dry by means of direct heat or sunlight. When your NuuMed has dried, brush the wool out using a Wool Comb, a dandy brush or dog brush to keep it in top condition.

Now you can enjoy your NuuMed every day!